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4 Best Steps to Apply for Australian Permanent Residency without Need of Any Immigration Consultant

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Settling in Australia can be happening, for sure without hiring an immigration consultant, if you get a thorough knowledge of the overall Australian PR or permanent residency application process.

Australia is such a country where the opportunities of studying and getting a job are increasing year on year. This could be one of the many valid reasons why people around the world are traveling to Australia and are settling down.

Not only that but Australia also has outstanding natural beauty, free culture, and facilities of cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc which attract people around the world to move and settle down in it.

Now, every country has a specific set of rules and regulations to adhere to and provide permanent residency to the migrants from other countries.

An immigrant consultant can always help you to understand the norms, but when it comes to Australia things are not that much complicated. Getting an Australian Visa is indeed a lengthy process, but ultimately it is worthy of it. If you want to qualify to immigrate to Australia, you need to go through specific procedures.

Here in this article, you will get information on the easiest and cheapest way to get PR in Australia, for international students, without hiring an immigration consultant:-

What is PR Visa in Australia?

PR Visa or the Permanent Residency Visa for Australia allows you to settle in that country for an indefinite period of time and also permits you to choose any occupation on the skill level for 5 years.

Not only this, but PR also allows you to move to Australia with your family. Further, you can apply for citizenship after three years of working in that country. 

What Are the Reasons for Getting Permanent Residency in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful country which is perfect for living. But there are several other reasons to get permanent residency in Australia. Have a look:-

  • You are free to work and settle in any part of Australia with a PR visa.
  • You are allowed to have official permission to have family members with you.
  • Your kids are also eligible to get free education up to a certain age.
  • You are eligible to sponsor any relatives to apply for permanent residency.
  • You can get health and work benefits for yourself and your family.

Due to all these benefits, many people migrate to Australia from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc and other parts of the world to live peacefully in it.

What Are the 4 Essential Steps to Go through to Get the Australian PR?

If you are planning to apply for Australian permanent residency, you need to go through 4 most essential steps. Read on to know more-

1. Checking Your Eligibility

This is the primary criteria to apply for Australian permanent residency. To be eligible for that, you need to score a minimum of 65 points. While you apply for the PR visa of Australia, you will be evaluated, based on your qualifications, work experience, age, proficiency in English, and so on. Based on each segment, you will be allotted points.

Below is the simplified table of points for your quick reference:-

4 Best Steps to Apply for Australian Permanent Residency without Need of Any Immigration Consultant - australia pr immigration points table migrateoznz cv7cfj

Also, you need to know the age limit for permanent residency in Australia, and it should be below 45 years. Besides this, you should have a certificate in English language and also have an occupation from the nominated in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

2. Go for Skill Assessment

Once you are qualified for permanent residency, the next step is to apply for skill assessment. Usually, the skill assessment is conducted by particular skill assessing authorities.

For example, For Engineering, it’s Engineers Australia. For Computer Science and Software Engineering, it’s ACS.

Once you submit your application for skill assessment online, you are eligible for a skill assessment test. Based on your education qualification and work experience, your skill will be assessed.

3. Submission of Documents

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, listed above, then you can submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) by going to a website and by logging into the portal after creating a new account. EOI application submission process is completely FREE and wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to fill in all your required information.

After you submit your application for permanent residency in Australia, you will get an approved mail within 60 days.

Once your application is approved, you should submit all required documents through the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) website at

Documents required are:-

  • Positive Skills Assessment evidence
  • Age (Passport or Birth Certificate)
  • IELTS Result
  • Degree & Employment Proof
  • Police Character Certificate
  • Medical Checkup Report

4. Verification of Documentation

It will still need a specific time to get the visa because after submitting the documentation, it will be verified. After that final process, your Australian permanent resident visa will be granted.

Types of Australian PR Visa Categories for People from Indian Subcontinent and SE-Asia

If you want to know the way to get PR in Australia for Asian students you need to know about three types of visas that Asian students are eligible for-

Skilled Independent Visa: If you want a Permanent Residency in Australia, this is the visa that you will need. This visa is, particularly for skilled workers. Once you meet the eligibility, you can have this visa, but under this, you won’t get any sponsorship. You have to get an invitation for applying for this visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa: This kind of visa category is for those skilled workers who get a nomination from any Australian state or territory. To acquire this visa, it is essential to prove that you have an occupation from the skilled occupation list. With this visa, you can apply for any job at any nominated territory in Australia.

Skilled Regional Visa: In regional areas of Australia, this visa is highly appreciated. You can get facilities in Australian regions and state through this visa. With this visa, you can live there for four years.

These four steps can be time-consuming. Therefore, you need to be ready with all your documents so that there is no delay on your behalf. In between these steps, there are certain things done to verify your application. The applicant may have to go through specific medical tests and also submit a police clearance certificate. 

So, now you know how to get Australia Permanent Residency without involving an immigration consultant.

If you are planning for permanent residency in Australia, you can go through all these procedures, and you won’t have to burn your hard-earned Aussie dollars on an immigrant counselor.

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