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5 Essential Must-Haves to be Eligible to Apply 189 Skilled Independent Visa to Migrate to Australia

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Australia, the largest country in Oceania, is now quickly becoming one of the favorite places to migrate. Australia is a great country in all terms. It has a developed economy with full of new opportunities. No doubt, these all factors, along with a high-quality lifestyle, attract lots of immigrants to move to Australia permanently.

Also, the main reason why the 189 skilled independent visas are applied in for. However, the process for an outsider to become a permanent resident of Australia is not easy. Though the process is not as complicated as it seems to be. There are several migrant visas that you can apply to live permanently.

One of the visas that you can apply for is Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189. The best part about this visa is that you can bring your family members too with you. This visa gives the skilled workers the liberty to live anywhere and work in Australia.

In this article, we are going to discuss Australia’s Skilled Independent Visas, and what are the five essential must-haves to be eligible to apply for the same?

Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189

Australia’s skilled independent 189 visa is the most necessary visa for immigrants who want to live in Australia permanently. This is one such visa that grants permanent residency to a person who can bring his family members too and work for an indefinite amount of time. Australia Skilled Independent visa 189 helps a lot of immigrants. One does not have to have a job offer to apply for this visa. However, there are some eligibility criteria that they must fulfill to apply for this.

With Australia Skilled Independent Visa:
  • You can work as well as study anywhere in Australia. There are no restrictions.
  • You can also seek out permanent residency status for your legit relatives.
  • If everything works well and you are eligible, you can become a permanent resident of Australia.

Five must-haves to apply for Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189

1. Documents needed for the process

Certificates play a vital role in deciding your fate for this visa. You must make sure that you submit as many legit documents as possible along with the application. DOHA (Department of Home Affairs) takes its decision based on the information provided by you. It is advisable to check the Australia Immigration document Checklist and deliver the documents as per the checklist.

Key points to remember while submitting your application:

  • It must be kept in mind that all the documents that you provide must be scanned and uploaded along with your request.
  • Every document that you submit must be the legit copy of the original documents.
  • You must make sure that you do not submit the real copy of the documents until and unless asked by the immigration department itself.
  • You may be asked to submit documents related to your health.
  • You may be asked to submit the documents related to your character. You may need to provide the character certificate of your family members as well.

Now the question arises what are the documents that are needed to submit? Below given is the list of materials that are required to submit with your application

  • Your application form
  • Your identity proofs.
  • Your test report that is the skill assessment report
  • Result of IELTS or PTE
  • Documents related to your skill employment
  • Your marital status or relationship documents
  • Character certificates/documents
  • Or any other document when asked by the immigration department.
2. What is the age requirement?

For an immigrant to apply for Australia Skilled Independent Visa 189, he must be under 45 years of age. If you are above 45 years of age, then you are not eligible to apply for this visa. And, you cannot become a permanent resident of Australia.

3. Checking your occupation to meet the grounds

It is essential to investigate whether your occupation is listed on MLTSSL of Australia. MLTSSL stands for Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List. If your profession is listed on MLTSSL of Australia, then you proceed further else you will not be eligible to apply for the visa.

4. Minimum eligibility criteria which have been to met

The next thing which is a must-have to apply for the visa is 65 points in Australia point test Score. You must score a minimum of 65 points to proceed further with your application. Several factors are responsible for the positions. The points are given for:

  • Age
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Educational Qualification
  • Other things.
5. The skill assessment test should be passed

The result should be positive to move further with your visa process. Depending upon your profile and your skill, the assessment will be done. The relevant authority must do an assessment. Also, one thing to note here is that your occupation must be listed on the Australian MLTSSL occupation list.

Other essential requirements

There are a lot of added questions that need to be taken care of while applying for the skilled 189 visas. Those mentioned above were the top 5 most essential things that were required to use for the same. However, several other requirements are needed to fulfill. Some of them include health, character, and debts.

When you will be called for the visa, you are entitled to meet the minimum health requirements. Just not you, it applies to all the family members as well who will be accompanying you to Australia.

You as well as your family members must have the proof of bearing a good character. You need to show the police verification of the last ten years ever since any of your family Member turned 16. Along with this, you must ensure that you have repaid any outstanding debts to the government of Australia.

Paying attention before the visa application

Last but not least, if you had ever applied for an Australian visa before and it got refused or canceled while you were in Australia, you might not be able to file for the visa. It is advisable that you must pass every stage of your visa compilation with apt attention.

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