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5 top education streams to start studying in New Zealand for a permanent residency visa

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Studying in foreign countries opens the doors of opportunities to you. If you get a good grade in your qualifying exam, you can fulfil your dream to study in a reputed and traditional college or university of a foreign country. Now, which country do you want to go? If you are a bit adventurous and also want to experience life besides studying and achieving your dream, you can think of New Zealand.

There are famous universities where you can study your favourite subject at graduation or post-graduation level and secure a job further to settle in New Zealand.

Besides study, you can also look for a part-time job in that country and you will need a temporary work visa for that. Now, if you are a student, you should also know about the New Zealand student visa fee. What are the courses that you can do in this country to get citizenship faster?

Today, we will talk about that only. In the present situation, New Zealand is a country that has shown rapid growth in the courses and study for international students.

Students from all over the world are now choosing New Zealand for studying abroad and there are lots of reasons behind that. As per studies, it has been shown that New Zealand is much affordable for international students in terms of accommodation and tuition fees. Besides that, the education system of this country is quite strong for which this country is getting accreditation, globally.

Once you complete your course and get a degree from this country, you can get more opportunities in getting a job throughout the world. So, here are certain types of courses that you can go for while you are in New Zealand. Read on to know more:-

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Business Management

Students of business management get greater opportunities throughout the world while it comes to get a job. You can go for business management at the graduation level and also at the post-graduation level.

The business has become one of the most opted career options throughout the world. If you are going for an MBA in New Zealand, you can get more opportunities.

This is such a course where students learn to think creatively, critically, and also get to learn how to analyze the business and identify the problems. Not only that, they are skilled to bring out creative solutions for the problems they identify in the business area.

Studying business management and administration won’t restrict you within the classrooms, but you get to know the business industry of New Zealand.

While you are a student of business management of New Zealand, you can get opportunities to attend business tours, interacting with the business professionals of the country, networking and also working on different industrial projects.

You will be assigned regular assignments that will evaluate your business sense and practical knowledge of the topic and the overall subject.


New Zealand is one of the best tourist destinations around the world. Each year, numerous people visit this country to explore the new sides of it.

If you study tourism in New Zealand, then, that will open multiple opportunities in front of you.

If you want to stay in New Zealand permanently, then, you need such a type of job which can give you the security to be in this country.

Tourism is such a field that is growing every day and there is no geographical barrier to get a job once you study tourism. You can visit different other countries for your job and have a great life ahead.


Engineering has always been considered one of the prestigious jobs among youths.

In recent years the picture of engineering courses in New Zealand has evolved a lot and therefore, students around the world get more interested in this study and job.

In New Zealand, there are several fields of engineering where you can specialize, like computer engineering, mechatronics engineering, software engineering, etc.

Once you earn a degree in engineering from any reputed college or university in New Zealand, you can get the opportunity to work in the leading companies of that country and also worldwide.

To become a permanent resident of New Zealand, you can study engineering and get a prestigious job at any reputed company.

Information Technology (IT)

There are lots of universities in New Zealand that offer studies of information technology so that they get greater opportunities to be a part of the IT farm in New Zealand.

Students are guided by highly qualified faculties and beneficial equipment. Students of IT learn certain types of analytical thinking, time management, problem-solving, teamwork, and flexibility.

Hospitality Management

Finally, this is one of the most happening courses that can bring lots of opportunities while you are in New Zealand.

Hospitality Management is the rapidly growing industry in New Zealand where students get first-hand experience and knowledge of the subject and also brush up their analytical skills which will help them in the future. Not only in New Zealand but studying this course will help you to have a job in different other parts of the world.


So, today, you get to know about different courses in New Zealand which will help you to get a job and settle in this country as residents.

Apart from these jobs, you can also work in other fields, like medical, teaching, accounting, and so on.

The education system of New Zealand has improved so much that students can get a complete structure to go through and gain the practical knowledge that they can use in the real world.

So, if you want to find a job in New Zealand as an immigrant, you need to study well and attentively. While studying, you can also do certain types of part-time jobs as that experience will ensure you get a job faster in that country.

Your fresh record at any company will work positively for you and you can get a job to be the permanent resident of New Zealand.

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