At MigrateOZNZ.com we strive to transmit knowledge on immigration and visas, and on a large number of other information resources to aid your quest for your new life in Australia and New Zealand

Each year both the largest countries, Australia and New Zealand, in Oceania continent welcome students and dwellers in thousands aspiring to study, work, and settle in these countries that celebrate diversity and modernness. MigrateOZNZ community provides knowledge resources that help you achieve your Australian and Kiwi dreams.

We too moved to Australia for higher studies, better career and living opportunities. What we experienced, we share here, the uncertainty, the excitement, and the beauty of moving to live in a new place.

Chetan Mittal, Christie McEnzie and Richa Desai
Migrateoznz.com Managing Director
Chetan Mittal – CEO & Managing Director
Studied in Australia and Ex-PR
MBA – Melbourne Business School (MtEliza/UQ)
Computer Engg – RMIT University
Richa Desai - Migrateoznz.com Co-founder
Richa Desai – Co-founder and Editor
Migrated from India
Christie McEnzie - Migrateoznz.com Co-founder
Christie McEnzie – Co-founder and Content Producer
Migrated from South Africa

We finished undergrad and postgrad degrees, opened bank accounts, seek employment, took credit cards and loans, upgraded visas, became permanent residents, searched better areas and places to live, and settled with kids.

We understand what it takes to make a successful transition from developing countries and through this knowledge resource – we can guide and advice you on all the aspects of moving you to Australia and New Zealand.

On MigrateOZNZ.com, you’ll find Ultimate Guides, Mini Guides, and hundreds of blog articles and news items, job postings, etc curated to help you find answers to your questions related-to to moving to and settling in Australia and New Zealand.

We provide up-to-date news on all things related to migrating, studying, working, visiting and settling in Australia and New Zealand through our social media accounts, handles, pages, forums; through our community forums, and through our email updates.

We are also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As immigrants ourselves we have gained critical knowledge of how the system works. We wish to transmit this knowledge to you by providing a large number of resources to aid your quest for a new life.

We also strive to keep up to date with the most recent advancements and changes to the immigration system, allowing you to have everything you require at the click of a button.