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Best 5 Business and Investment Visas to migrate to Australia as a Permanent Resident

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

Australia has one of the best and stable economies in the world, making it an attractive investment destination for business people to apply for business and investment visas to migrate to Australia as its permanent residents.

As an experienced businessman, the business and investment visas are right for you to migrate to Australia and settle down here to live a lavish and relaxed retired life. These business and investment visas are available for businessmen, high net-worth individuals, and people keen to invest in Australia.

This is an ultimate guide, for you, if you are planning to invest in Australia for living, working, and settling in Australia.

Our guide has all the reliable information to help you with your move of a lifetime to migrate to Australia.

Getting business and investment visas in Australia will give you many operational advantages. You can migrate with your family to stay, work, live, and study in this amazing country permanently.

If you are a business owner or an investor, there are various business and investment visas or pathways you can take. These business and investment visas or pathways can lead to permanent residency in Australia for you and your family members.

Business and Investment Visas - Migrate to Australia by investing -
Here are the 5 Australian Business and Investment Visas you must know about to migrate to Australia through business and investment:-
  • Business Innovation
  • Investor
  • Significant Investor
  • Premium Investor
  • Entrepreneur

Each type of visa has different guidelines set for you to choose from.

This article will help you select a suitable visa for you among these five different business and investment visas to migrate to Australia.

Your choice will depend on the size of your investment and interest.

You will get higher benefits from the Australian states for higher investments.

Your eligibility criteria for a permanent residency may depend on your investment as well in Australia.

Business Innovation Visa in Australia

Business Innovation Visa is a provisional visa (subclass 188) and is for businessmen with skills and those who want to develop their business in Australia. The business is either new or existing for eligibility for this visa in Australia.

Requirements for Business Innovation Visa

There are many mandatory criteria an applicant must meet apart from age and points test criteria for this visa. This includes:

  • Minimum turnover of AUD 500,000 in the business of your ownership interest for at least 2 years. This is out of 4 fiscal years immediately before your application for this visa in Australia.

You must own at least:

  • 51% of the business for turnover less than AUD 400,000 PA.
  • 30% of the business for turnover equal to or higher than AUD 400,000 PA.
  • 10% of the business for a public listed company

You alone or in a partnership must have lawfully accumulated net assets worth AUD 800,000. Make sure all your assets are transferable legally to Australia.

Investor Visa in Australia

Investor Visa (subclass 891) is one of the most common categories for business and investment visas in Australia.

Requirements for Investor Visa

You will need to meet the eligibility criteria before you can apply for Australia Permanent Business Visa. This includes:

  • Applicant age must be below 50 years. However, the age criteria are extended up to 55 to 59 years.
  • The score of at least 65 points on the points test.
  • A genuine and consistent interest in investing and running a business in Australia.
  • Intention to stay in Australia for at least 2-years in state and make an investment.
  • You need to owe AUD 1.5 million either solely, combined, or by your partner. You, your partner or both must own at least 10% of ownership interest in the proposed or similar business.
  • Proof that you can legally transfer the funds to Australia within 2 years of your investment visa issuance.
  • Ownership of minimum AUD 2.25 million as net assets before 2 years of your application.
  • A genuine interest in carrying business in Australian territory and abide by the laws.

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Significant Investor Visa for Australia

Significant Investor Visa (subclass 188) is for individuals willing to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million over 4 years in Australia.

What are the Criteria for Significant Investor Visa?

  • Genuine interest and commitment to reside in the state or territory of Australia that nominated you.
  • Interest to continue your business/investment plan for Australia after the end of the provisional visa.
  • Stay in Australia for at least 40 days in a year or your spouse must live in Australia for at least 180 days in a year during a provisional visa.
  • Net assets worth AUD 5 million legally.
  • No engagement in any unlawful business or investment activities.

Taxation law along with all other laws applies to the Significant Investor visa category. It is best if you seek legal advice to know whether your investment options comply with the required criteria.

Premium Investor Visa for Australia

Premium Investor Visa (subclass 188) is available for individuals willing to invest at least AUD 15 million. The individual must comply with the premium investment criteria in Australia.

Note:- This visa is available only for people Austrade nominates on behalf of the Australian Government.

What are the Criteria for Premium Investor Visa in Australia?

  • A genuine interest in the continuation of business/investment in Australia after the conclusion of the provisional visa
  • At least have AUD 15 million net assets available for complying investments
  • No record of being engaged in unacceptable business interests or investment activities
  • Agreement to not bring action against the commonwealth in case of any loss in your investment.

Australian taxation laws govern your income under the premium investor visa category.

business and investment visas for entrepreneurs to migrate to Australia -

Entrepreneur Visa for Australia

Entrepreneur Visa (subclass 188) is applicable for individuals who have arranged a 3rd party to invest AUD 2,00,000 in Australia.

The investment can be for setting up a new business, expansion of an existing business. It includes any activity to develop commercial products and services in Australia as well.

However, it doesn’t include labour hire, residential properties and buying any franchise or existing entity.

Requirements for Entrepreneur Visa to migrate to Australia

You will need to meet the above-mentioned requirements to carry out business under this category in Australia. Other important requirement includes:

  • 10% payable funding to the entrepreneurial venture within a year of its starting in Australia.
  • At least 30% business interest in the venture as a business investor in Australia

You can submit your expression of interest through SkillSelect online to get a business visa in Australia. You will need to prepare various paperwork and documents for your business visa application in Australia.

You and your family must also language, health and character requirements before you will get the visa in Australia.

As a business immigrant, there are certain requirements you must fulfil before applying for Australia Permanent Business Visa. There are few key requirements as well as criteria according to your business visa stream.

Get more benefits in Australia by acquiring a permanent business investor visa and eventually Australian citizenship.

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