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10 best things to remember while studying in Melbourne [2022]

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

Australia is one of the fastest-growing countries. The country’s cultural capital Melbourne is home to some of the most prestigious universities which are ranked at the top in the world. Therefore, it is quite natural that many international students go to Australia, primarily in Melbourne, for their higher education such as Postgraduation and Doctorate. However, studying and living in Melbourne is costly to the students coming from developing countries such as China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc.

You might think that going abroad and studying there is an easy task. However, the truth is not that simple. If you are planning to studying in Melbourne, you must know quite a few things before actually going there as things might be quite different in Melbourne as compared to your hometown outside of Australia.

Here, in this article, we are precisely going to look out the things that a student must remember before going to studying in Melbourne. Let’s get started:-

Visa – the most essential thing to take into account

A Student Visa is the first and foremost thing that will be required by you if you are planning to pursue an educational course whose duration will be of more than three months.

However, if the duration of your educational course is less than three months, then you might go on a regular tourist visa. But, if the course is of more than three months, you need to apply for a proper Student Visa.

The process of applying a Student Visa is quite easy, and there might be many registered immigration agents, under MARA, available in your home country through whom you can apply for admission in the institute of your choice in Australia.

However, in 2021, being every government department online, you might not need to rush to any immigration agent’s office. And if you are brave enough to take the risk then you can apply to the institute of your choice by yourself. However, the fee is quite expensive, so you must be prepared for it beforehand only.

Note:- Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation Australia has temporarily suspended giving new study visas.

Health Insurance

Australia has a special medical or health insurance coverage known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) which can cover the expenses incurred during any medical or hospital care of international students while studying in Melbourne, Australia.

So you have to make sure that you are very clear regarding your overseas student health insurance as all international students and their dependents must purchase Overseas Student Health coverage, or OSHC, for the entire duration of their stay in the country.

However, there are a few exceptions for the students belonging to the countries as below:-

  • Belgian – Do not need to purchase OSHC since they are covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement.
  • Swedish – Do not need to purchase OSHC since they are covered under the National Board of Student Aid or by Kammarkollegiet. If not covered by either, then Swedish international students will need to purchase OSHC.
  • Norweigan – Do not need to purchase OSHC since they are covered under the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

Your OSHC is provided either by your education provider (your Institute or University) or you have an option to choose your own OSHC provider listed as below:-

  • Australian Health Management
  • BUPA Australia
  • Medibank Private
  • Allianz Global Assistance (subcontracted by Lysaght Peoplecare)

Post your arrival in Australia on Student Visa you have to complete your student application at your Institute’s or University’s international students department where you will have to provide proof of your medical or health insurance when asked.

Where do you want to go studying in Melbourne?

This is one such question that you should ask yourself as often as possible the moment you decide to study in Melbourne or Australia. The reason for this is because Australia, along with it’s cultural capital Melbourne, is home to many of the prestigious universities which are ranked higher among the best in the world.

However, you must just not get fascinated by these numbers because there are fraudsters and scammers impersonating as agents of Melbourne’s few top universities and institutes. There are also many ghost institutes which are not registered by the government. So, you mustn’t get into the trap and thus take your decision wisely after researching about the agents and validating their registration numbers with MARA, and also after researching about the institutes and validating their existence with the Australian government.

Jet Lag is the Real thing

Yes, you heard it right jet lag is a real thing, and it can irritate you at times. It is essential that when you decide on a particular date and timing for a call or skype chat with your friends then you must decide it by keeping both the time zones, Australia’s and your country’s, in your mind.

There is a lot of added confusion regarding this, and maintaining good relationships becomes quite tricky. Therefore, it is essential to manage things properly.

Melbourne is an expensive city

Melbourne is an expensive city. Do not ever forget this. Melbourne, along with Sydney, lists itself in the top 10 costly cities of the world.

So keep a check on your budget and spent accordingly. From grocery to veggies everything is quite expensive here.

Also, do not forget to save the changes that you get from every shopping. No one knows it might help.

Seasons are flipped

This is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Seasons are flipped in Melbourne.

Check your departure month and pack your luggage accordingly. If you are planning to move in winter for studying in Melbourne, Australia, which from June to August, then do not forget to carry a lightweight raincoat, an umbrella and a pair of boots. This stuff is going to act as a saviour for you.

It is said that you can experience four kinds of weather in a single day in Melbourne, so you need to be very careful with this aspect

Grading system

The Australian grading system is quite different. Don’t freak out if you get a D because it is a Distinction and is a pretty good score. Most of the Australian Universities use this grading system:-

  • HD – a High Distinction
  • D – a Distinction
  • C – a Credit
  • P – a Pass
  • F – a Fail

Therefore don’t freak out and understand the policy well.

Work 20 hrs a week while studying fulltime in Australia

Keep in mind the massive amount that you had to pay for the Australian Visa. Well, if you want to, you can earn back the entire amount or even more than that.

The Australian Student Visa allows you to work on a part-time job up to maximum of 20 hours a week while studying in Melbourne. You can make well by doing either a single or multiple part-time jobs. Along with this, you can also give tuitions. Do not also forget that in Australia you are paid well considering this fact you should conclude.

Know the rules

You might be unaware of the official and unofficial rules of the county. Therefore, the chances of you committing mistakes become higher. That is why get yourself aware of all the norms, whether official or unofficial well to avoid any kind of fine or security issues.

Know the driving rules well. Just for your information, you should know that Aussies, alike many commonwealth countries, drive on the left side of the road.

Open a Bank Account

It is advisable that you open a bank account, while studying in Melbourne, in Australia in an Australian bank if you are going to spend more than a semester there.

This is because by opening an Australian bank account, you would be able to save ridiculous massive amounts, of transaction conversion fee, that you have to pay while drawing out money from your home country’s bank account.

And just to let you know, some Australian banks have very decent interest rates of 2% per annum. So it is quite the right decision to open an account in Australia.

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