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3 Best Job Portals in New Zealand to find Job while studying

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

Studying abroad is challenging at the same time comes full of opportunities. For studying or doing a job in New Zealand or other foreign countries, people often have some fascination. However, before you decide to migrate it is always best to check out the jobs available through the job portals in New Zealand.

Some of you want to go to the USA while many of you aim for Australia. Do you have such a contemporary dream or you have thought of something special for yourself? If you belong to the second group, you can set your dream in New Zealand.

You can think of studying in New Zealand in 2020 and all that you need to do is to have information about New Zealand visa options and then sail on to fulfil your dream.

Now, the fact is while studying in New Zealand, you can also work in that country temporarily and that will bring more fortune for you. It will be easier to settle in New Zealand further if you do so.

How to look for jobs in New Zealand?

It is very simple as you need to check out the local job portals in New Zealand where you can find suitable jobs as per your requirement or post your requirements and being sought by the companies.

Today, you will get certain information about the 3 best, top and effective job portals in New Zealand which can bring fortune for you in that foreign land. Read on to know more:-


Job Portals in New Zealand - Indeed NZ

Indeed is one of the most popular employment search engine that started its journey from 2004.

Though this job portal is highly popular throughout the world, in New Zealand, it is the most helpful job portals for the ex-pats and the locals.

Presently, Indeed is one of the most visited job sites around the world.

Universally, Indeed has 16.36% market share among all the other job boards.

How to use Indeed to find your dream job in New Zealand?

You need to visit the website of Indeed where you will find lots of job posts, posted by the employers.

You can check out the jobs or search for anything specific.

Once you get the detail of the particular job, you can send an email directly to the employer. If your resume got selected, the employer will contact you directly.

Thus, Indeed work like a bridge between you and the employer.

If you want to post a job on Indeed for free, you can follow the following steps-

  • Visit and create an account there
  • Include all the details of your job posting
  • Don’t forget to answer the application questions
  • Check the review of your job posting
  • Give the detail information of your account
  • Go to the ‘Sponsor’ page and click on ‘Post Job Without Sponsor’ and then click ‘Continue’


Job Portals in New Zealand - Seek New Zealand

While talking about the best job portals and boards in New Zealand, Seek will be on the top of the list as it is the most popular job search website of this country.

Seek’s website, began its journey from 1998 and within 2005, it became huge.

Seek is the medium that helps the advertisers find the right employee for their job while it also assists the job seeker to reach the appropriate employer who can give him the best job as per the candidate’s qualification.

The offices of Seek are in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia.

If you are looking for a job in New Zealand besides studying in that country, you can completely put your trust on Seek to find the best job for you as it was awarded as the ‘Best employment Website’ of New Zealand in 2003 and 2004, consecutively.

This employment website is not limited to the territory of New Zealand, but it has exposure to 2.9 billion people on the global scale among whom 51 million are students and learners.

Presently, this company has its presence in 18 countries around the globe, including South-East Asia, China, and Latin America.

If we talk about the secret of the huge success of Seek, you will get to know about their positive approach towards the society, taking challenges and fulfilling those and taking the right decision at the right time, no matter whether it comes out of popular choice.


Job Portals in New Zealand - TradeMeJobs

If you are a student in New Zealand and want to earn something extra to make your living better in that country, you will need temporary work visa.

Once you get that, you can use Trademejobs, one of the best job portals in New Zealand to find the most suitable job for you.

Once you visit the site of this job portal, you will find different types of jobs under varieties of flagship, like accounting, management, IT, engineering, computing, healthcare, and more.

In 1999, a tiny website, named TradeMe was launched by Sam Morgan. Within 10 years, TradeMe became one of the most reputed names in the job searching portals’ arena.

The main office of TradeMe is in Wellington, while it has its other branches in Auckland and Christchurch.

The success of TradeMe depends on certain values like they take the best care of their customers. It is mending the gap between the employers and the employees so that everyone remains satisfied.

This is the platform where advertisers can find a suitable reply to their advertisements while the job-seekers also find the most suitable job.

TradeMe provides transparent services to their customer and that’s why it is so popular throughout the country.


So, here are the top 3 job portals in New Zealand where you can find a suitable job for you.

While you are in New Zealand for study purposes, getting a job related to your course will help you to know your course better. Not only that but if you already start working, it will be an add-on to your CV and will be helpful in the future to get better jobs.

To make a strong resume, it is really a great plan to start doing a job as soon as you reach the country. Once you earn well, you can match up the lifestyle of that country soon.

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