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6 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in New Zealand

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

Many of you dream of studying abroad. And when you think of this, the countries you plan to go to are mainly the UK, the USA, etc.

If you want to think out-of-the-box and want to settle in a different country which has a rich history, culture and tradition, you can think of New Zealand now.

Here are the 6 best part time jobs for students in New Zealand. Note, these part time jobs for students in New Zealand can be converted into full time positions once you finish your education and are willing to apply for New Zealand immigration to migrate to New Zealand.

The country is so beautiful that you can think to settle in New Zealand after completing your studies.

And to do that you need a stable fulltime job.

But naturally, that is something that you can look for after you complete your course.

While you are living in a foreign land like New Zealand, you can also look for part-time jobs along with your studies.

If for some reason any of your part time jobs for students in New Zealand can’t get converted to a full time position then you can arrange for a temporary work visa and check out if there is any full time job for the international students in New Zealand.

Best Part Time Jobs for Students in New Zealand - Migrateoznz

Student life in New Zealand is quite peaceful and happy.

You won’t be disturbed at all while living here.

What you need to know is about your visa condition and duration before joining any kind of job.

While you are in a foreign land, usually students depend on their scholarships and the money that they get from their parents. How about assisting yourself and making your life a bit better by doing part-time jobs in this country?

There are numerous job portals where you can find the most suitable part time jobs for students in New Zealand for you. You can also give advertisements by mentioning your requirements and see how employers find you soon.

So, today, you will get to know about the best part time jobs for students in New Zealand that you can do besides your studies. Read on to know more:-


This is really one of the most happening part time jobs for students in New Zealand that many foreign students aim to do besides their study, especially if they are the students of financing and accounting.

You will find lots of new companies and start-ups who are looking for an accountant through the online job portals.

Being a new company it will be difficult for them to hire a full time accountant who is also experienced. Therefore, they will look for students of that particular subject who have the knowledge in that field.

Grabbing the opportunity will also become beneficial for you as you get practical knowledge of what you read in books and also know how the works. Such experience will surely help you in the future at the time of applying for immigration visa.

Customer Care Service Executive

If you want to go to study in New Zealand in 2020, you should be ready to do certain part-time jobs to utilize your time in the most positive way.

If you have good communication skills and you think you can solve people’s problems easily, you can go for customer care service jobs.

Once you are going for this genre, you will get numerous options for you.

You can get appointed to any company where you need to solve issues with people. You will find your interest in a particular field while doing these jobs.

Once you gather experience that will help you in searching for full time jobs further.

Recruitment Consultant

This is really a prestigious position when you are looking for part time jobs for students in New Zealand.

There are lots of firms that are looking for part time consultants who can deal with upcoming talents when the company is recruiting.

If you are good at talking to people and arrange things well, this job is for you.

In such jobs, you need to arrange a telephonic interview for the candidates, organize meetings with the companies, and also maintain records.

The benefit of getting into this job is that you don’t need any special qualifications to do this job and this job is also not very stressful. So, you can manage it after doing your study.

Teacher or Tutor

This is one of the best part time jobs for students in New Zealand that you can do besides your studies.

You can look for vacancies in the schools or work as a private tutor to teach kids after your classes.

You can join the pre-schools where you can spend time with little kids and make them learn things.

Joining a middle school will help you to stay in touch with the subject you teach and it will also polish your skill of teaching if that is your aim for the future.

Through this kind of job, you can also get to know the young generation of the country and also about their thoughts, likes and dislikes which can help you in a way or another in the future.

If you want a career of being a consultant in the future, your experience will help you there.

Café Assistant

Do you want to be a chef in the future? Or want to work as a restaurant manager?

Then working as a café assistant at your student life will help you.

The benefit of working as a café assistant is that you can choose flexible working time as per your study routine, but you won’t get any holidays.

Still, if you choose a time suitable for you, you can earn handsome and that will help your living in a new country.


Finally, this is the job that you can always do as one of the part time jobs for students available in New Zealand.

The new companies often require a smart receptionist who can receive the people and know their reason to visit.

The job of a receptionist is strictly for a few hours so it won’t disturb your studies.


So, if you are convinced enough that you can do a part time job while studying in New Zealand, you can choose any of above mentioned part time jobs for students in New Zealand.

There are lots of job portals that can help you to find a job in New Zealand as an immigrant.

Know your expertise and check out those portals which are updated every day.

Once you do a job in New Zealand, it will be easier for you to increase the duration of your visa and you can be in this country for a few more days.

Now, if you want to settle permanently, you need to know about New Zealand resident visa changes in 2020.

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