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5 best reasons to migrate to Australia [2022]

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

Apart from being a popular travel destination, Australia is one of the preferred choices among developed countries to migrate to by the billions from Asian nations such as the Philippines, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

Australia is one of the strongest economies, built from the Gold mining boom in the late 80s and early 90s, of the world with a vast geographical size and a relatively low population, it is the perfect place with a huge capacity to absorb the new migrant population.

The Australian government has such immigration policies in place that Australia offers a lot of opportunities, to the overseas human population spanning across 3rd world nations, which encourages and welcomes a lot of skilled and business migrants to the country. A major shortage of skilled labor in Australia further enhances the chances of migrants looking to explore and settle in Australia.

Standard of Living

The chance to be a part of a multicultural land with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, numerous job opportunities, quality education, medical, security, and more. This is what awaits you and your family when you migrate to Australia. Out of 189 countries, Australia measures at #6 in the United Nations (UN) Human Development Index (HDI) (2018) report which signifies the excellent healthcare, education, and standard of living in Australia.

Strong Economy

According to the Economic Survey of Australia in 2019 by OECD, Australia’s economy and labor market have been resilient, with declining unemployment and increasing labor-force participation; projections show a continued robust output growth of around 3% in the near future.

Living standards are good but socio-economic challenges remain, especially for more vulnerable groups with a high risk of poverty. Australia faces economic challenges that, if not handled well, could see an end to its strong track record.

Natural Beauty

Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world with golden sandy beaches, long ocean drives, coral reefs, hot deserts, snow-laden mountains, and tropical rain forests.

There are over 500 national parks in Australia and 14 world heritage sites.

Immigrant Friendly

Provided you meet the criteria set out in the law, Australia’s Migration Programme does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion, which means anyone from any country, can apply to migrate. It is an immigrant-friendly nation and facilitates an easy way to migrate to Australia. It is also one of the nations where individuals have the easiest way to get permanent residency in Australia.

Every year Australia’s cultural diversity is celebrated on Harmony Day, March 21. Harmony Day (renamed Harmony Week in 2019 recognizing the diversity and including March 21st which is the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) is all about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Job Opportunities

Australia has a very low unemployment rate and encourages work visa applications from skilled workers and facilitates skilled migration to Australia.

An aspirant skilled worker for Australia migration is awarded points for his skills and capabilities under the Australia immigration points calculator.

Australia’s skilled migration points play a key factor in immigrating to Australia for job opportunities. The minimum wage in Australia is $19.49 AUD an hour, which is a little higher than the minimum wages in the UK (£8.21) and the USA ($15.00).

Australia also encourages a healthy work-life balance by ensuring that full-time workers work no more than an average of 40 hours a week.

Individuals are advised to check the Australian government websites and stay updated on CSOL list Australia, news updates on migrating to Australia points calculator, and many more.

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