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How to Immigrate to Australia: An Ultimate Guide for the Novice [2022]

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Christie McEnzie

People migrate from one country to another for several reasons. In recent years, the number of immigrants has increased for the requirements of a visa for Australia. Yes, people are moving to Australia for a better life and opportunities. In 2019, the number was increasing a lot, and it is expected that 2021 will see immigrants from all around the world to Australia.

Why so many people move to Australia nowadays?

Australia is a country with splendid natural beauties. Whether you live in the metro cities, like Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide, or live in the countryside, you can take the best of Australia during the changing seasons. The beaches, forests, and the deserts- with every natural wonder, Australia won’t disappoint you ever. If this is the primary reason, the rich cultural heritage is another reason for people, moving to Australia.

The mixed cultural features of this country will influence you to stay there. Above all, you will get lots of opportunities and chances to lead your life in Australia. Whether you go to Australia for higher education, or it is for a job, you can get the right opportunities there to have a better lifestyle. So, now, you will get to know about migrate Australia requirements before you plan to move to Australia in 2021. Read on to know more.

What are the criteria for migrating to Australia?

If you want to qualify for immigrating to Australia, you need to fulfil a specific criterion and gain points based on that as Australia follows a points-based immigration system. By meeting all these requirements, you can dream about a new life in this splendid country full of opportunities.

Have a look at what are the essential criteria for migrating permanently to Australia

Nominated Occupation

Till 2011, the applicants were awarded specific points for a particular nominated occupation. Presently, there is no such thing.

Nowadays, an applicant has to check out the General Skilled Migration Program for the Skilled Occupation List, or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List and has to be eligible with specific nominated occupation from those lists to migrate to Australia. Further, choosing the occupation also depends on the type of visa.

If you apply for any of the following visas, you can nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List:-

  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Graduate Temporary Visa
  • Skilled Independent Visa

If you apply for any of the following visas, you can choose an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List:-

  • Skilled-Nominated Visa
  • Temporary Worker Visa
  • Skilled-Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Visa

Applicants can only get points according to the age at the time of the application.

If you are within the age between 25 and 32, you can earn more points. Whatever your age is, it should always be below 45 to apply for Australia permanent residency.

Points you can get as per age limit are as below:-

  • From 18 to 24, you can get 25 points
  • From 25 to 32, you can get 30 points
  • From 33 to 40, you can get 25 points
  • From 40 to 44, you can get 15 points
  • Below 45, there will be no points
Proficiency in the English Language

Applicants have to be proficient enough in English to move to Australia.

Therefore, they have to appear for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. But, there is also an exception.

If applicants are natively from the English speaking countries and they have any tertiary degree, equal to Australia’s Bachelor’s Degree or anything higher, they do not need to appear for the English proficiency, IELTS, test.

The score of this test will decide your points to go to Australia for living, permanently or temporarily. Types of scores that determine your fate are:-

  • Superior Score – Scoring 8 or more than that can give you 20 points
  • Proficient Score – Scoring 7 or more than that can give you 10 points
  • Competent Score – Scoring 6 or less than that gives no points
Skilled Employment

Applicants also need to earn a point in a skilled occupation by having experience in employment in Australia or any other country.

If the applicant appears for permanent residency in Australia, then he or she has to earn points on the Skilled Occupation List for working in a particular field for nearly ten years.

You can earn points for your skilled employment in Australia (for nearly ten years):-

  • 5 points for one year
  • 10 points for three years
  • 15 points for five years
  • 20 points for eight years

You can earn points for your skilled employment outside Australia (for nearly ten years):-

  • 5 points for three years
  • 10 points for five years
  • 15 points for eight years
Educational Qualification

Applicants can earn points based on their educational qualifications too. The higher degrees you have, the higher points you can get to make your way smooth to move to Australia permanently.

In 2021, if you want to earn points for your educational degree or degrees, then you need to check out that your degree matches your nominated occupation, and it is also tangible with an Australian qualification. How many points you can earn based on your degree are listed below:-

  • 20 points for a doctorate
  • 15 points for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • 10 points for Australian Diploma or trade qualification
  • 10 points for recognition of the assessing authority while assessing the skilled occupation

You will also be awarded an additional 5 points if you have completed an Australian qualification, of a 2 year and more duration, from any Australian educational organization, and you were physically present in Australia to earn this degree.

No points will be granted for any degrees you may have completed under the format of distance education.

Even, you can also get another 5 points if you had lived and studied a qualification, 2 years and more duration, in any regional areas of Australia, especially in the area where population growth is low.

Skill in Community Language

You can earn 5 points if you are skilled in any of Australia’s community languages and you must have the skill of an interpreter or translator.

Your expertise must be recognized by Australia’s National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Skills and Qualifications of Spouse/Partner

Points can also be earned while adding your spouse or partner’s name into the visa application while migrating to Australia.

If your spouse or partner is not an Australian citizen, then his / her skills can be included in the applications to earn more points.

To do that, your spouse or partner has to meet the general requirements for immigration, like age, proficiency in English language, nominated occupation, etc.

If he or she meets all the criteria, then you can earn 5 more points on your application.

Professional Year

An applicant can also earn 5 points if he/she has the record of completing a professional year in Australia within the last four years.

Professional year means going through the training period along with a formal job in hand.

You have to spend a professional year on the occupation that is listed on the skilled Nomination List.

So, you need to earn a minimum of 65 points to immigrate to Australia permanently for living a peaceful, modern, and comfortable life to achieve your dreams.

Types of other Visas that can help you to move to or stay in Australia

Whenever you want to visit or migrate to a foreign country, you require a passport and a suitable visa to enter the secured borders of this foreign country.

If your destination is Australia as a tourist or a student, or for employment, or you want to live permanently as a Permanent Resident then you need to know about the visas well.

There are major six types of visas that you can apply for as per your suitability. Read on below to know more:-

Student Visa

If you want to go to Australia for further studies, you need to fulfil a specific criterion.

First of all, you need to appear for a course that will last for a minimum of 12 weeks or three months. Once you get your student visa, you can get staying time for your course along with additional vacation time which depends on the duration of the course you choose. For instance, if your course is for six months, you get a visa for eight months. There are certain advantages of approaching for a student visa in Australia:-

  • You don’t need to score in English language proficiency test if you want to study any course of English in Australia
  • There is no age limit to apply for studying any course in Australia
  • You can also work part-time, 20 hours a week, while studying in Australia
  • Your partner can also go along with you to live in Australia, on a temporary visa, till the expiry of your student visa
Work and Holiday Visa

With work and holiday visa, you can earn a temporary resident status in Australia.

This visa will allow you to work and study in Australia for a limited time. With this visa, you can work in Australia for one year, and it is expandable for two years only if you work in the northern part of the country in the industries, like agriculture, tourism, hospitality, fishing, and forestry sectors for three months.

There are specific requirements you need to fulfil to get this visa:-

  • Your the age limit has to be within 18 to 30 years
  • You should buy a return ticket, valid for 1 year, from your own country
  • You can’t take your partner and children with you
  • You must have a high proficiency level in English
Tourist Visa

If you are going to Australia for a vacation then you are going to need this tourist visa.

With a tourist visa, you cannot work in Australia under any circumstances. But, you can appear for a 3-month course with a tourist visa.

There are two types of tourist visas for Australia:-

  • Visa eVisitor (651): It is free, and it can allow you to stay there for three months.
  • Tourist Visa Visitor: It allows the tourists to stay over there for 12 months, and it costs around $140 to $1020 AUD.
Couple Visa

It is the type of visa that will allow you to go to Australia with your partner so that both of you can study and work together.

If you are the principal applicant, you can work part-time during the course and full-time during vacations. The dependant applicant can only work part-time and appear for a 3-month course only.

Temporary Graduate Visa

This specific visa is designed for those foreign students who have got a degree after completing two years in specific courses from the Australian skilled list.

The duration of this visa sustains from 18 months to 4 years as per your course structure.

This visa comes with varied advantages like it allows you to begin a career in Australia and you can also include any members from your family in the application, like a spouse, children, partners, etc.

This visa will allow them also to work in this country for a limited period.

Sponsorship Visa

A sponsorship visa is a work visa that is quite hard to get. When companies sponsor workers from a foreign land, they have to convince the Australian Government of the need for hiring workers from outside the country. This visa lasts for 3 to 4 years, and it also includes family members.

So, above are the types of visas that you can apply to migrate to Australia. But remember, before moving to Australia, you need to research it thoroughly.

Things to Know Before Moving to Australia

The vibrancy of Australia with its wildlife, culture, nature, etc is such that this country always welcomes tourists to enjoy its lavishness.

But, if you want to reside over there, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. So far, you must have got some idea about the requirements of moving or migrating to Australia, but before you decide to migrate, you need to know certain things about it. Read on to know more:-

Australia is huge

Australia is a continent that is spread throughout three million square miles. It is nearly the size of Europe.

It takes similar hours to travel from Perth to Sydney and from Portugal to Ukraine.

So, if you are appearing to study or for work in Australia, you need to take time and travel, from one part of Australia to another, to attend the workplace or university within time.

Australia Is Hot

The Australian sun shines brightly. During the summer, you can expect scorching heat and the temperature may go up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Presently, heat waves can hit big cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, etc. So, you need to dress properly, wear sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and always wear a hat while going out.

Expect Variation in Weather

Once you are in Australia, you can expect a variety of weather. Summer is consistent here, and you can expect hot and sunny days during this season.

But, at the same time, the northern part of the country sees the monsoon. If you are residing in Brisbane, you can expect a soothing tropical climate.

Again, if you are in Melbourne, you can experience four seasons in a day. You can expect snow in some distant suburbs of Melbourne where you can go for skiing also.

Enjoy the Ski Season in Australia

Whether you are in Australia for studying or for work, you will love to attend the modes of entertainment it provides. Visiting Australian Alps can give you the best experience of skiing as this place gets more snowfall than Switzerland. Apart from that, if you want to visit more skiing locations in Australia, head towards Southwest.

Be Aware of Bushfires

This is one of the most common phenomenons in Australia. As per records, Australia sees around 50,000 bushfires every year.

Due to the bushfires, the weather becomes hot, and the wind blows strongly. The dry vegetation of Australia works as the fuel of the bushfire.

When you see this natural calamity is Australia for the first time, make sure there are no dry leaves, and trees near your house. Get rid of those and stay safe.

Know the Driving Rules

In Australia, people drive on the left, and they also walk on the left. So, if you are new to this country, you should always walk on the left, carefully.

There is this walking norm in Australia that you should follow. It doesn’t mean you can’t walk on the right, but people will feel you are a weirdo. It is always better to follow the norms when you are in a foreign country.

Try to Live in the Countryside

Are you migrating to Australia now? Where are you planning to live? If you ask this question to people, a maximum of them will talk about Sydney or Melbourne.

But, those are the talks of the last decade. Today, the modern generation prefers to live adjacent to nature, and that’s why they will choose Kata Tjuta or Uluru over the metropolitan cities.

The raw natural beauty with parks, fields, and mountains can give you the best experience to spend your days in Australia.

Never Go for Jaywalking

If you don’t want to spend all your money on paying penalties, you can stay away from jaywalking in Australia. This country is quite strict about the rules for pedestrians.

Never try to cross the road just from anywhere. Look for zebra or pelican crossing and then cross the road. If you don’t find one adjacent, you have to walk for miles to find a proper crossing to cross the road.

Magpies Will Be a Trouble

Australia is quite warm and welcoming for people who want to stay here for any purpose. But, you have to be cautious in the six weeks of spring as the magpies will be there to welcome you and that won’t be sweet!

These birds tend to swoop down any pedestrians and cyclists all of a sudden. There are certain streets and lanes where the magpie infestation is huge. So, you can avoid those areas to avoid their beaks. You can also carry a walking stick to move away from the magpies.

Australia Is Full of Wildlife

Living in Australia means you are always surrounded by exotic wildlife. But, you don’t need to get worried about wildlife. There are stingrays and shark attacks every year. But if you stay cautious, you can stay safe in Australia.

Expect Happening Barbeque Nights

It is another amazing mode of entertainment that you can enjoy while staying in Australia. Barbeque parties are so common and popular in Australia that it is also known as Barbeque Culture.

The Government has allowed the countrymen to enjoy Barbeque nights at the parks so that they can have a great time even when they don’t have enough space in the backyard of their house.

You can also have such wonderful nights on the beaches.

Don’t Get Too Excited for Kangaroos

Though you will indeed jump with joy at the sight of kangaroos when you are in Australia, they are quite common in that country.

After a week, you will also get used to it! Besides, Australians don’t get too excited at the sight of the kangaroos as they disturb agriculture to a great extent. Besides that, they cause accidents and crashes on the roads by leaping continuously in front of the vehicles.

Due to all these reasons, kangaroos often take place on the food plates of Aussies.

Don’t miss Tim Tams in Australia

If you are a student and don’t get time to make your breakfast and eat for attending classes, fill your bag with the national biscuit of Australia, Tim Tams.

This biscuit is hugely popular throughout the country, and you will find it in almost every household. If you are feeling homesick, or if it is a bad weather day, you can chill with a can of Tim Tams.


Australia is famous worldwide because of its sports and outdoor activities. People are obsessed with sports here. But, the country is beyond that.

Australia is a land of new-age culture and tradition with exotic natural beauty.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia in 2021 and beyond, hopefully, this detailed guide above will help you a lot.

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