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Migrating to Australia as a Nurse? Understand ANMAC, AHPRA, NMBA in 3 Easy Comparisons

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The processes of getting Australian Permanent Residency are becoming difficult day-by-day. Actually, permanent residency is given to them who want to study or work in that country and also want to settle down there, after some period of time.

Therefore, the government of Australia has decided to pick the best people around the world who can serve it in the best way. You need to go through several criteria to qualify to immigrate to Australia. Now, whatever job or courses you choose, you need to choose it from the skilled nomination list of Australia.

Do you want to be a nurse, or already if you are one, and want to work in Australia? Then, you need to fulfill certain special rules and regulations to migrate to Australia for nurses. You should have ideas about the organizations which will be responsible for your skill assessment in Australia as a nurse.

There are organizations, like ANMAC, AHPRA, and NMBA which are there to assess your application to study nursing courses or getting a job as a nurse in Australia.

Australia has qualified nurses and midwives; therefore if you want to make your place over there, you need to prepare yourself strongly and follow every norm very carefully along with proving yourself worthy. That is how to migrate to Australia as a nurse.

Here, you will get a brief overview of these three organizations and also know the differences in the work processes of those. Read on to know more.

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ANMAC is the abbreviated form of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council which is an independent accrediting authority for nursing and midwifery education in Australia under Australia’s National Registration and Accreditation Scheme. ANMAC is responsible for establishing a high-quality standard of nursing and midwifery education, assessment, and training.

Whom does ANMAC assess?

If you are planning to work as a nurse or study nursing or midwifery in Australia? Then, you need to know who comes under the skill assessment by ANMAC. Usually, ANMAC can assess-

  • Internationally qualified nurses
  • International students of nursing and midwifery in Australia or New Zealand
  • Internationally qualified midwives
Duty of ANMAC

If you want to migrate to Australia to become a nurse, you have to go through the skill assessment process of ANMAC. The entire process is quite methodical and ANMAC always performs its duty as per the rules and regulations of the Australian Government.

ANMAC will also check whether you are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and for that, you need to provide essential information on your eligibility to work in that country. Here you need to remember that the registration process of NMBA is independent and separate from the skill assessment process of ANMAC.


AHPRA or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is responsible to check out the skill and professionalism of the internationally qualified nurses and midwives to take care of the public in Australia. AHPRA works in collaboration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA).

AHPRA is there to support the 15 National Boards which are responsible for regulating the job of nurses and midwives who have migrated to Australia.

What Does AHPRA Do?

The activity of AHPRA is related to the activities of NMBA. Here are the joint activities of AHPRA and NMBA-

  • AHPRA works in collaboration with NMBA in their pivotal role of protecting public
  • AHPRA is also responsible for publishing the national registers of the practitioners which includes essential information of the health practitioners who are already registered through NMBA.
  • This organization is also responsible for managing the registration and renewal of the health practitioners and students in Australia.
  • AHPRA has also offices and branches in every territory and states to take care of the public’s health.
  • As AHPRA works together with NMBA, it conducts an investigation for the on the performance of the health practitioners in Australia.
  • AHPRA also assists NMBA to develop the standard of registration for the nurses, midwives, and other health professionals along with maintaining guidelines and codes.
  • This body of the Australian Government is also responsible for advising the Ministerial Council about the administrative duties of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.


NMBA or the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has been established to check out the duties and responsibilities of the different state and territory boards those work in support of the National Board in the National Scheme. NMBA works in collaboration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

What Are the Roles of NMBA?

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia works in collaboration with AHPRA to register the nurses and the midwives and other health practitioners so that they can appear for the skill assessment process through ANMAC. Here are the roles and responsibilities of NMBA-

  • It is the main body of the Australian Government that registers the international nurses and midwives and also the students of these courses in Australia.
  • NMBA is responsible for developing the code of conduct, standards, and guidelines for nursing and other healthcare professionals in Australia from outside of the country.
  • This body of the government is also liable to manage the notifications and complaints, carry on investigations and also listen to the disciplinary hearings.
  • NMBA also approves accreditation and accredited courses to study in Australia.
  • Finally, it assesses the trained practitioners from foreign countries who are planning to migrate to Australia and work as a nurse of midwives.

The discussion about these governing bodies of Australia makes you know a brief account of those and also the duties and responsibilities.

The main difference between the roles of these organizations is that ANMAC is an independent organization that works for skill assessment of the nurses or the students who want to study the nursing and midwifery in Australia after they are registered by NMBA.

NMBA and AHPRA work in collaboration to find out whether the applicants are eligible to work in Australia and also carry forward the disciplinary action against any breaching of norms.

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