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The most effective 5 steps mini guide on how to land in Australia as a postgraduate student to study a masters degree [2022]

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What probably runs through your head when someone says Australia? Is it the island country? Is it the cricket team? Is it Kangaroo or Koala? What are your reasons to study in Australia?

Well, if it’s anyone of these things that you imagined, that’s right! Australia is a country with rich urban heritage and culture.

In order to study in Australia, you should perhaps volunteer to research and then look into the process. This article also comes to your rescue here. The step-by-step procedure shall be able to guide you through:

Step 1: Admission application in any Australian university of your choice

Pick up your laptop and open up Chrome, cause you’re about to discover something really good!

Research about the college/university that has to offer the best course of your interest.

In the process, you will have to consider the location, course duration and the tuition fee offered.

Once you’re done finalizing on the education provider in Australia, you will have to apply for the same and in the process, you will be asked a few documents that you shall be providing. Such as Academic documents and English proficiency (IELTS).

Certain universities might even ask you to appear for an interview, so stay prepared!

Once you complete applying, you will have to wait for a few working days for the application to get processed.

Step 2: Provide evidence of your financial support to get your Australia student visa

  1. Once you get your offer letter you get to start this process.
  2. You’ll have to show your university, as a form of evidence for sufficient funds for your stay and education fees expenses.
  3. Depending on how much funding you will actually need to pursue your course and also depending on if you have a spouse and kids, the evidence that you provide to support which proves how you support their survival will probably help.
  4. Note that, the evidence required is different from every college.

Step 3: Paying off the course fee and acquiring enrolment confirmation

  1. Upon the college/university approving your funds, you shall pay your tuition fee of 6 months, which is going to be mentioned in your offer letter.
  2. You will require certain certificates in this procedure. Let’s get you to the necessary!
  3. ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students).
  4. OSHC (Over Seas Health Cover) is a must.
  5. So, you’ve provided the above documents and as you wait for a day or two, the university shall send you a COE (Certificate of Enrolment) via email.
  6. This is the confirmation that you as an international student are eligible to start the process of Australian Student Visa.

Step 4: Medical Examination

As per the standard Australian Visa procedure for international students, this step is super important.

  1. You’ll have to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by the Australian Immigration.
  2. You can find the list here on this website. I wish you luck!

Step 5: Online Visa Lodgment to move to Australia

  1. Do note that you shall be lodging for your study visa online.
  2. You will have to start off by creating something called an ‘‘IMMI ACCOUNT’’, which you’ll find on the Australian immigration website.

Here you shall be submitting a few supporting documents and the list for that goes like.

  1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  2. A copy of your Passport is a must.
  3. Score Card of your IELTS for Australia student visa.
  4. Certificate of Enrollment( CoE)
  5. All academic documents
  6. Work Experience (if any)
  7. Photographs (with white background gets approved faster)
  8. Sponsor ID proof
  9. Their occupation proofs
  10. And a few related financial documents.

Once you’re done uploading all the documents mentioned above, make sure that they’re appropriately arranged, pay for your Visa application via credit card and strike the submit button on your visa application.

Your student Visa shall last for your period of study depending on the type of visa you get. It shall be applicable depending on your study period, which includes holidays as well.

The other important thing you need to know is the types of student visa provided for any international student to pursue an education in Australia. And there are many types but for studying masters, the types you shall need to know of:

  • SubClass 500 Student Visa
  • SubClass 590 Student Visa

This is the list to the other Visa, just in case since we want to ensure you have everything you’ll need.

Australia is renowned as the home of the wonderful climate, loosened up living and various games and relaxation openings. In any case, did you realize that it’s additionally the world’s third most famous goal for study abroad? Or on the other hand that Australian colleges are globally famous for the nature of their examination?

As a worldwide Masters study, you’ll get the opportunity to encounter the things that make Australia one of the world’s most engaging vacationer goals and make the most of the remarkable instructive open doors that its colleges offer.

Well, if you’re still reasoning out to study in Australia, then this should help you out:

  • World-class reputation
  • Fantastic climate and quality of life
  • Internationally recognized programs
  • Unique research opportunities
  • International outlook

In order to Study free in Australia, these are completely paid Scholarships you can search for and it’s free of cost education:

1. Try Postgraduate Leadership Awards

Host University: Colleges and Higher Education Institute in Australia

Level of Study: Bosses and Ph.D. level investigations in any of the Australian Universities.

2. Adelaide Scholarships International

Host University: College of Adelaide

Level of Study: Any Research Master’s certificate or doctoral qualification at the University of Adelaide.

3. College of Sydney International Research Scholarships

Host University: College of Sydney

Level of Study: Any Research Master’s certificate, or doctoral qualification at the University of Sydney.

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